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Friday, January 6, 2012

Toy of the Week!

I have decided to make Fridays my "Toy of the Week" days. Somehow I don't think this trend will last, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Without further adieu...

I present... (Drumroll)

T.C. Kink

My first Toy of the Week is going to be this particular item since it's addressed in my other blog entry. This was my very first sex toy and still remains a favorite. As I've already done a review at Eden Fantasys (Read Review), I will just summarize the reasons why I love this product and why I'd recommend it and WHO I'd suggest the product to. See the website here!

To begin, I think this is excellent for beginners. Why? Well, the design isn't threatening, it's simple to use, waterproof, discreet, adorable and has a simple purpose (massage, not internal). It's a good way to get used to the idea of toys and the feel of vibration. It may not be a luxury product and created from hygienically superior materials, but it is generally safe as it's not being used for insertion. Another plus is that the body is mostly a VERY FIRM RUBBER so it's not so breakable.

I will say that the toy seemed very sturdy, but is in need of replacement because I had a habit of keeping on the dresser where my cat had knocked it off, thus breaking the door to the battery compartment. The toy is still functioning, but the door flaps where the latch portion of it connects to the body. Due to this, the toy is no longer waterproof and it has become so noisy that I cannot use it when someone else is in the house. That said, I STILL think that with normal usage, the toy would last and last. The motor still hasn't burned out and it's been 5 years! This is not only using it for sexual reasons, but for all over body massage as well. It's definitely a good product.

Since the toy is so versatile and sturdy, I'd consider any incarnation of the duckies (full-size) to be a toy box staple. I absolutely adore this toy an intend to replace it, move this one to the bottom of the toy box as backup and enjoy it all over again. It's certainly worth the price and is sure to please almost anybody, although I think it would appeal most to women.
I believe that summarizes my toy of the week. I'm glad you had the chance to meet "T.C. Kink" and I hope that this entry encourages you to try I Rub My Duckie products. ;-)

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