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Friday, January 13, 2012

Toy of the Week #2 !!!

Golden Glass Wand
Meet "Thor", my glass dildo!

Let me begin this entry of praise and glory by making it clear that this is the only glass toy that I currently or have ever owned. I cannot really compare this to another toy with full experience. I have handled and examined other glass products that range from boring to "oh my god!" scary. This fell right in between and I bought it on a sale, so I guess I had my head in the right place. All of that said, this was an amazing product and one of the best buys I have made through Eden Fantasys. And yes, this is another toy that I reviewed on this particular site.

The thought of glass REALLY intimidated me, because I'm a girl that tends to like softer toys with a bit of a "squish" to them. I usually only used plastic toys for body massage since I was fairly new to penetration and the hard material was extremely uncomfortable. I really don't know what possed me to just go for it and buy this toy. I think, in the back of my mind, I was under the impression that it was just going to stay in the toy drawer and do nothing.


This is among my favorites and although I haven't been able to use the textured end, the smooth end is just right. I've used it for body massage while experimenting with temperature play. You'll get the full experience here in the review I wrote. I encourage you to try glass and see if you like it. Start with something versatile (like a dual textured/ended) or simple and if it "wows" you, go for more. I know I will be buying more glass in my near future. Thanks for reading (and be careful in those spooky woods. I hear there are WOLVES about! ;->  )

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